SOCRadar Channel Partners



Empower and diversify your business with cross-functional Extended Threat Intelligence.

Value-Added Resellers

Increase your market outreach, stay value-focused and enjoy competitive margins.


Strengthen your product portfolio with industry-disrupting technology.

Technology Alliances

Fortify your marketplacee with seamless, unified  SOCRadar easy-access APIs and services

SOCRadar Partner Privilieges

Broaden your market reach and increase ARR with SOCRadar Extended Threat Intelligence


Partner-First Support & Training

Experience a seamsless onboarding with SOCRadar Academy Certified trainings , dedicated technical, sales and, marketing support.

Unmatched Discounts & Incentives

Receive partner-only discounts, incentives on registered deals. Increase your ARR with SOCRadar’s competitve margins with a high ROI of your efforts.

Channel Sales Enablement

Our Channel Sales teams make sure partners have all the resources they need to create their GTM strategies and provide support all the way thorugh. 

Dedicated Event & Partner Marketing

SOCRadar Event & Partner Marketing teams enable partners to organize or participate in events and co-branding pre-built marketing materials, giving you an edge on expanding your pipeline and creating demand

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